SAMM and The Environment

The advent of the introduction of plastics mid way through the twentieth century contributed to
significant changes in the way modern society lives on a daily basis.

If you think about it, rarely a minute of the day will elapse without being in contact with some form of plastic product. It cannot be disputed that plastics have played a considerable role in revolutionising a number of industries - packaging, consumer electronics, motor vehicles, household goods, building materials.....and the list goes on.

For the most part, plastics have played a positive role in modern society but conversely plastics have also made a seriously negative impact on our environment.

Did you know:

  • Plastics represent the most common item collected on "Clean Up Australia Day" - accounting for over 30% of all waste retrieved over the past ten years?
  • It is estimated that 80% of the 6 million tonnes of rubbish dumped annually into the worlds oceans are plastic
  • Marine waste, mostly plastics, is killing more than a million sea birds and approximately 100,000 mammals every year
  •  Most plastic is not biodegradable and will survive in the environment for hundreds of years
  • Despite decomposition being a slow process, plastic produces methane whilst decomposing. Methane is 20 times stronger than carbon dioxide and represents 4% of emissions from landfill
  • Estimates indicate that Australians use 1.3 million tonnes of plastic annually. We are relatively good recyclers - 46% of our waste is recycled. Regrettably over half our waste ends up in landfill
  • Claims made earlier this year indicate that the existing dedicated landfill sites in Sydney will be full by the year 2016. Plastic waste accounts for 20% of landfill volume
  • Plastics are made from non-renewable resources. Once these resources are depleted they cannot be replaced

What can we do to Contribute to the Wellbeing of our Environment?

It is highly unlikely that in the forseeable future, there will be any reduction in either the production or overall consumption of plastic products. In order to combat the environmental problems associated with plastic waste it is up to EVERY AUSTRALIAN to:


The products distributed by SAMM INDUSTRIES all all manufactured from recycled plastic. The manufacturers with which we are aligned, convert plastic waste to new, durable and price competitive products suitable for a variety of applications.

We are proud to offer a range of SUSTAINABLE & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY fencing and urban products that, in their own small way, will affect the way we and future generations of Australians live.