Plasmar Products

The PLASMAR Range of recycled plastic fencing and urban products is the culmination
of an investment of 12 years of research and development - The result of this being a truly unique, alternative to traditional timber, steel ad concrete products.

The PLASMAR Range has been designed primarily for applications relating
to the following industries:

  • All rural /agricultural fencing
  • Council Parklands/Reserves
  • Viticulture
  • Feral & Pest Exclusion Fencing
  • Coastal Regeneration
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Horse Stud/Equine Fencing
  • National Parks
  • Aquaculture
  • Urban & Landscape Design
  • Erosion Protection

The Entire PLASMAR Range is manufactured from 100% Recycled Engineering/Industrial grade polymer materials. All PLASMAR products are manufactured here in Australia and based on testing performance by CSIRO - have been proven to last 50 + years.

The Benefits of Using PLASMAR Products:

  • Environmentally sustainable product
  • Long Life/Durability
  • Consistent Quality
  • Toxin/Copper/Chrome Arsenate (CCA) FREE
  • No rotting or leaching
  • Immune from fungal and termite attack
  • No cracking, spliting, splintering or knots
  • No rust or corrosion
  • Fire/UV Resistant
  • Painting/Finishing is not required. If you wish to paint we recommend “Ultralast” 
  • environmentally friendly paints.
  • Will perform in salinated, alkaline or acidic environments
  • Can be drilled, nailed, screwed, bolted or stapled
  • Contains no additives such as wood flour - this will contribute to longevity
  • No maintenance required
  • Reduced lifecycle costs

Plasmar's Contribution To The Environment:

  • The ongoing production of Plasmar products contributes significantly to the reduction of plastic waste being sent to landfill. Plasmar technology allows for recycling of large volumes of co-mingled industrial waste polymers, in turn producing high volumes of re-useable products.
  • Plasmar products assist greatly in the reduction of both hardwood and softwood tree felling. Forestry depletion is a major environmental issue and timber is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to source.
  • Plasmar products are not treated with any toxic applications and hence will not leach or fume any harmful chemicals into the environment. They are ideal for use in organic or bio dynamic environments.
  • PVC production and plastic recycling produces up to 3 times less ozone depleting gases than steel production.
  • Plasmar products can be recycled indefinitely.